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The Spartan Athletics Fund (SAF) provides critical resources for student-athletes and coaches at San José State University. Take a look below to see how your calendar year-end donation facilitates a competitive athletics experience paired with life-changing relationships and opportunities.  Please consider donating to the SAF to help SJSU coaches to invest in their leadership staff, and enable student-athletes like Eduardo Buenfil and Latahevai Lousi to pursue an education.


Invest in Committed and Inspiring Coaches

This is the first time since 2008-2009 that the San Jose State football team has had the same head coach, offensive and defensive coordinators in consecutive seasons. When you make a gift to the SAF, you’re investing in the continuity of coaching staff for all 22 sports. This is a critical component to successful leadership for student-athletes.


“The coaches I hired are invested in the development of young people on and off the field. To build something special, we need consistency. Gifts to SAF support the amazing people who are teaching our student-athletes. This is an awesome charitable donation because you’re helping so many young people navigate college and have the guidance, support and mentorship they need to succeed and become successful adults.” —Brent Brennan, San Jose State football head coach  


Invest in Life-Changing Relationships

Growing up on San Jose’s East Side, Eduardo Buenfil, ’21 Health Science, relied on his soccer community as a constant source of support. He spent many weekends at his coach’s house, doing homework and playing soccer, a safe respite from the sometimes violent and unpredictable life at home. When men’s soccer head coach Simon Tobin recruited him to play for San Jose State, Buenfil recognized another role model who could guide him through higher education.


“My coach taught me to always have discipline, even off the field. His methodology and his soccer techniques are unbelievable. Donors have given me an opportunity to go to school, play on a beautiful new field, provide for myself and for my family. I really appreciate the support and I hope to give back myself in the future.” —Eduardo Buenfil, ’21 Health Science, men’s soccer


“I give to Spartan Athletics because I am lucky enough to witness the transformative effect a college scholarship and degree, offers many of my first generation student athletes,” says Coach Tobin.  


Invest in Bright Futures for Student-Athletes      

Oakland native Latahevai Lousi, ’20 Communication Studies, lost her father when she was a young girl. Her parents immigrated to the U.S. from New Zealand, and her mother had limited access to higher education. When she was recruited to SJSU to play volleyball, Lousi was impressed by the resources available to help her, not only with sports, but with school.


“At San Jose State, everyone wants to help. That’s their job; they sign up for it. Being in that environment is rewarding, especially because I see I’m never in it alone.” —Latahevai Lousi, ’20 Communication Studies, women’s beach volleyball  



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