SJSU Student Crisis Support Fund

SJSU Student Crisis Support Fund

Update (May 4th): Thank you to everyone who made a donation and contributed to the success of our campaign. You have all helped to support many students who are currently struggling due to the pandemic. With your help, we have exceeded our goal of $125,000, and this money will be put to use directly to aid SJSU students. The need for support still continues as the ramifications of the pandemic continue to surface, so we have decided to keep the page active. We welcome any additional donations, and once again are grateful for everyone who has already contributed.


To understand the current need for students and the impact of your gifts, please see below for a word cloud created from recent student requests asking for help. The size of each word is based on how often the word appears in all of those requests.

Update (April 16th)Joan and Don Beall, generous San José State alumni, will donate $10,000 when our total reaches $100,000. Help us unlock this gift and reach our new goal of $125,000 by making your gift today and sharing our page!  

Update (April 8th): With the need for support consistently growing and the continued positive response from the community, we have now raised our goal to $60,0000. Thank you all for having our students' backs!  


Update: Thank you to everyone who’s made a gift and helped us reach 99% of our original goal! As of April 2, we’ve raised our goal to $50,000 as even more SJSU students are reaching out to us for assistance.  


Join SJSU’s efforts to address the immediate needs of students experiencing hardship as a result of COVID-19.  

Your gift to the SJSU Student Crisis Support Fund provides immediate assistance to SJSU students in need due to a crisis or catastrophic event.  

COVID-19 has already disrupted life in the SJSU community significantly—sowing uncertainty in students’ lives by creating unexpected housing and food expenses, restricting travel and potentially stranding them away from home, limiting their income from hourly jobs or work-study positions and creating other unforeseen challenges.  

By helping meet their immediate needs, the Student Crisis Support Fund can give SJSU students the ability to overcome the difficult setbacks COVID-19 poses.    


The impact of your gift:

A gift to the Student Crisis Support Fund lets SJSU students know that we have their backs and offers timely financial help that can lead to peace of mind and academic success. The Student Crisis Fund is administered by SJSU staff as a part of the SJSU Cares initiative, which assists students who are facing an unforeseen economic crisis.  

This fund is entirely supported by charitable donations like yours, and any amount helps meet a student’s time-sensitive needs. With your support, we can act quickly to fulfill even more student requests, which are increasing dramatically due to the ramifications of COVID-19. Your support will provide critical resources to students so they can make rent payments on time, cover medical costs if ill, and have the technology resources they need to attend online classes. Reaching our goal of $50,000 could help many students make rent this month!    

Applying to the fund: If you are an SJSU student experiencing a crisis and you need financial help, apply for assistance here.

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