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Mechanical Engineering Lathe

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Mechanical Engineering Lathe

Who are we?

At the Mechanical Engineering Department at San Jose State University, we strive to provide unique hands-on experiences to our students. We believe that mechanical engineers need to gain their expertise in the filed through experimentation and project work. The Mechanical Engineering Department hosts a machine shop that has the equipment needed for our students to complete basic machining and joining. This shop features multiple lathes, milling machines, power drills, welding machines, and other miscellaneous tools. This shop is a popular destination for our students during their projects and research work. In addition to the coursework, the shop also supports student competition teams including our very successful Formula SAE race team, Mini Baja, Spartan Hyperloop, ASME (American Society for Mechanical Engineers) student club’s human-powered vehicle challenge, and the Robotics club’s mars rover challenge, to name a few. The machine shop has been the department’s most valuable laboratory space.

Why are we raising the money?

We are raising money to replace an aging lathe in the machine shop with a brand-new machine. The lathe is the most popular machine in the shop and students frequently use it to turn machine parts and finish them. Currently, we have three manual lathes in the shop and all of them work throughout the day during the regular semesters. If one of them breaks down, it can delay various student projects and club activities for a significant amount. One of our lathes is over 40 years old. While it still performs its functions, it has been showing signs of its old age and has been breaking down regularly. By replacing the antiquated machine with a brand-new model, we can ensure that the student projects continue moving forward without any interruptions. We are raising money to purchase a new lathe as state and university funds are not sufficient to do so.

How can you help? 

With your kind donations, we can purchase a brand-new lathe and replace the aging one. This makes a difference for our students as they can continue working on their hands-on projects without worrying about the lathe breaking down when they are ready to build their prototype. Our Formula SAE racing team has been very successful in the national level competition and was the top California team in both the combustion and eclectic categories in 2022. Our Spartan Hyperloop team has been the second place Winners of the SpaceX Hyperloop Levitation competition in 2019. Our ASME student teams have won numerous competitions in the past. Despite the winning or losing in these competitions, they bring amazing hands-on learning opportunities for our students. Your donations can make a difference by ensuring that our students have access to the tools they need for achieving their tasks. 

Choose a giving level


Screw driver

A screw driver is the most basic tool you will find in a machine shop. It is small but is a critical tool. Without it, we may not be able to operate bigger machines. This level of support is very crucial.


Power drill

A power drill is small, but very powerful and handy tool. This level of support is also very powerful and handy.


Drill press

A drill press is one of the powerful tools in the machine shop and is critical for supporting student projects. This level of support can help us a lot to reach our goal.


Tube bender

A tube bender is a manual tool that is frequently used by our students to bend metal tubes. This level of support still helps us to reach the overall target quickly.


3D printer

A 3D printer is the most frequently used tool by all mechanical engineering students. This level of support is critical for us to achieve the target.


Laser cutter

The laser cutter is a frequently used tool for cutting metals. It is a critical tool in our shop. This level of support will be a great contribution towards buying a new lathe



The welder is a specialized tool used for welding by our students. This kevel of support will be an excellent contrition for us to achieve the target


Manual Lathe

The manual lathe is a great tool for metal turning and shaping. This is what we are targeting to get. We will be grateful for this level of support.


CNC Lathe

If we raise more money than the target we plan to get a CNC Lathe which will be ideal for our students. Our students will greatly appreciate your support at this level.

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